Natural coffee dye to cover gray hair without damaging your hair

A great dilemma that many women go through is that of being able to dye our hair, but at the same time take care that it is not damaged, because most conventional dyes contain chemicals that dry out and mistreat the hair when their use is very long. . However, there are natural options like this incredible natural coffee dye to cover the canas without damaging your hair, which you can prepare yourself.

The café It has endless properties for the hair that make it look more beautiful, and it is also capable of completely covering gray hair in a natural way, without having to resort to chemicals that damage it. The best of all is that it is super easy to prepare and with very accessible ingredients, which you can even have at home.

The only condition to be able to use it is that you want a dark brown or chocolate tone, since this is precisely the result of the natural coffee dye, the results of which will entice you.

According to a dermatological study, caffeine coming from café it is perfect for dyeing canas, because it covers them completely. But not only that, but it also stimulates hair growth helping it to grow faster and stronger.

Benefits of coffee for hair

In addition to keeping us awake during the week, and from time to time accompanying a delicious bread, coffee contains various benefits for different purposes, such as to prevent cellulite.

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But, in addition, this product also has great and wonderful effects on the hair, helping it to strengthen it from the roots to the ends, avoiding its fall, when it is weak, fragile and falls too much, since caffeine accelerates blood circulation in the scalp.

It also adds great shine to the hair, without forgetting that we can dye it effectively. Other of the main properties that the café contributes to the hair are the following:

-Stimulates growth

-Dark and hide gray hair

-Smooths it

-Gives it shine

-Exfoliate the scalp

-Strengthens the hair

-Gives you a pleasant smell

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Natural coffee dye

To prepare the natural coffee dye to darken the canas, you do not need more than two ingredients that, surely, you will have in your cupboard at home. In addition to cash, this Home remedy It turns out to be very inexpensive and easy to prepare. Take note.

-2 tablespoons of instant or ground coffee

-2 cups of boiled water

First, add the two tablespoons of instant or ground coffee to the water, and stir until it dissolves very well. Later, you will let the mixture cool down, and when this happens, you will empty it into a bottle with a spray or applicator.

Before applying, wash your hair normally, and then, with the spray, add part of the formula through your hair, especially where you have canas. Massage your scalp for a few minutes, and put on a shower cap so that you can let the mixture sit on your hair for 30 minutes and the natural dye takes effect.

Finally, rinse your hair with cold or warm water, until the residue is removed, and then pat dry. Repeat this process once a week, and you will see that the gray hair will disappear. You can also apply the formula to your hair and wash regularly with it, and you will see better results.

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