Nailea Norvid talks about her nude on Instagram and denies being bisexual

Mexico City.- The Mexican actress Nailea Norvind surprised in days past by publishing a photo posing totally naked and without any retouching on his account Instagram.

In an interview for the morning program Hoy, the 51-year-old artist explained the reason that encouraged her to upload that snapshot to the social network.

It seemed to me a photo that due to the meeting of the shadows and the lights, and that coincidentally I appear there, it was an angle that surprised me and that I wanted to share it like that, in the most free and simple way “

In the same way, Norvind She confessed that it was she herself who took the image through her cell phone. “We are in a time of pandemic, where you have to do everything, we all have to make our videos, our promotions, our links, our zooms, but everything from the solitude of the house.”

Finally, Nailea She ruled out posing nude for a magazine despite having received juicy offers, and used the moment to deny that she was bisexual.

“It is not that I am bisexual, but that all humanity is bisexual, and that it comes from history itself, they have put many contexts to something that comes precisely from the same freedom and I have always been free,” he concluded.

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