Nail designs to show off Mexican culture

There are various nail designs to show off the Mexican culture to inspire you in this season where the pride of living in a country full of color, traditions, art, delicious food and wonderful places that surprise more than one.

The nails have become in all people, because we can already see even men with the painted nails, as the future husband of Belinda, Christian Nodal, in one of the accessories that he likes to stand out the most.

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Whether they are natural nails, gelish or acrylics become a whole canvas of art where you can reflect what you want most and how we are in the patriotic monthWhat do you think of wearing a mexican design to show off to everyone your pride of being Mexican.

Our country Mexico, is full of tradition and culture, it is recognized worldwide for the outstanding work of the painter Frida Kahlo, so you may well mix vivid colors like the Mexican Rose and add the face of Diego Rivera’s wife.

The nails are ten small opportunities to show off everything that makes you proud to be Mexican, if you like long and striking nails you can try the classic design of the Mexican flag, adding a bit of brightness.

The national holidays they would not be the same without the traditional rag dolls known as Marias, are the representation of Mazahua women and have their origin in Michoacán and the State of Mexico. You can lucrilas with a white background so that the Mexican colors stand out.

The mexican embroidery are also very recognized around the world, you can be inspired by the calm down, originally from Tenango de Doria, Hidalgo, and that is a mixture of fantastic animals full of very mechanical colors.

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The zarapes They are a typical garment in Mexican culture, they are full of bright colors and every September 15, Mexico’s independence day The most beautiful Mexican designs come out based on this fabric, your nails can recreate that style and pretend it when you scream!Long live Mexico!.

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Or as the Spanish singer once boasted Rosalía, you can bet everything on some nails of the traditional Mexican game The lottery, you can choose the cards that you like the most with the most contrasting colors, you will be the sensation in the Mexican night and they will shine with each mexican snack that you taste.

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