Nahuel’s aunt said the police went three times and did nothing

Salta society is moved, In the early hours of Sunday, a Nahuel Vilte, only 21 years old, died with his throat slit in San Martín Park, his family had a sales stand and the defendants also operated at the site. His family assures that the police went three times and did not do anything. Now the Municipality suspended work permits and a strong police operation is guarding the area.

In the program the Lions Den by FM Aries, speak Emilia, aunt of the victim who said that on Saturday they had several problems with the defendants because they wanted to control the area and get paid to work there. “If the Police had acted in time, this would not happen ”.

He assured over and over again that the police went to the place three times and “did nothing in those three times they went.” She said that her brother, Nahuel’s father, called her at 10:30 p.m. on Saturday to tell her that in Parque San Martín “There were problems with Javier Ponce.”

They asked the police for help, but “When they were leaving, this man would return to my brother’s position to insult. Unfortunately, Nahuel, his son, went to see his father, because he found out that he had problems. When he arrived, his dad was away and He sees that this man was attacking his mother and sister and intervened ”, said Emilia.

At that moment and seeing his sister beaten, he began to fight with Ponce, who They say they have 10 positions in the area and charged a daily fee to almost 150 vendors based on pressures and threats. “They grabbed him from behind and the Venezuelan (Chino Falcón) came and stabbed him in the neck.”

From that moment misfortune was unleashed, the young man bled out in a matter of minutes and died before being assisted. Relatives of the victim and other stalls set fire to two of the defendants’ premises and the Police had to intervene to prevent another misfortune.

Both suspects fled and one of them was arrested yesterday in the vicinity of the Aunor expedition. Today municipal and uniformed officials arrived at the Park and prevented vendors from settling in, They announced that all permits were revoked and that they will not be able to be installed indefinitely, they seek to avoid more acts of violence.

Rafael Iujanik Falcon

In this context, the stallholders denounced a mafia that was led by the accused, who would charge between 2000 and 3000 pesos a day to workers in the area, money that they do not know where it ends.

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