Mylène Farmer sells 340,000 tickets 20 months before her tour

(Paris) It was expected: Mylène Farmer has already sold 340,000 tickets, more than 20 months before Nevermore, his stadium tour in June-July 2023 in France, Switzerland and Belgium, his teams said Thursday.

These 340,000 tickets sold represent 68% of filling (500,000 possible places in total), more than a year and a half before the star’s first show, his communication service told AFP.

The presale only started on the 1is October and the official ticket office only opened on October 4.

For the 8e tour of his career, the interpreter of Libertine, 60, is scheduled to perform in stadiums in 9 cities for 12 concerts. Mylène Farmer will also go to Russia, in August / September 2023, concerts whose tickets will go on sale later.

The one that is sometimes called “French Madonna” has sold nearly 35 million records and is known for her grandiose shows across Europe. His last tour dates back to 2019.

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