Municipality connects the UNPA sewage system to the branch of Calle Crucero General Belgrano

Rio gallegos

The Municipality of Río Gallegos, through the Directorate for the Maintenance of Rainwater Networks of the Ministry of Public Works, has been carrying out since last week an important work to extend the sewage network on the premises of the National University of Southern Patagonia, with the object of connecting this system with the branch of Crucero General Belgrano and Vilcapugio.

So he explained Fernando Silvera placeholder image, Maintenance Director of Pluviocloacales Networks: “The work is done through a mutual collaboration agreement by which the Municipality has its human resources and the road fleet and the University provides the necessary material to carry it out. We started last week with the movement of the soil, there are 180 linear meters of excavation, where a 160 mm sewer pipe is placed, and the installation of the cameras, draining in Vilcapugio and General Belgrano Cruise”.

“These tasks will bring an important relief to the buildings located on the grounds of the Navy, that is, the entire campus, the Kindergarten, and the houses in the sector,” he added after which he thanked the staff of the area and the support of Obras Vials “with whom we make a good team in this type of project.”

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