MP asks the UNE for a report on the summons of the Minister of Economy and the visit of Russian businessmen to the country

The Office of the Prosecutor against Corruption of the Public Ministry (MP) sent on September 10 to the National Unit of Hope (UNE) the request for a copy of the summons from the Minister of Economy last August.

The MP requires a copy of the report “in which, among other things, matters related to the visit to the national territory of people of Russian nationality were addressed interested in investing in the Santo Tomás de Castilla National Port Company (Empornac).

The Minister of Economy, Antonio Malouf, and other officials they were summoned by the UNE bench on August 17 last.

Carlos Barreda, head of the UNE bloc, confirmed to Free Press and Guatevisión the MP requirements.

“They have asked us for all the information related to the summons of Minister Malouf regarding the visit of the Russian mission that he was negotiating in the port, ”said Barreda.

In that summons they also spoke of the construction of a private terminal for solid bulks for nickel ore, added the deputy, who said they would send the videos of the summons.

“We have five days and we are going to deliver it ”, emphasized Barreda.

At the end of August, the Empornac rejected the lease of eight apples that would be given in exchange for about US $ 18 million.


The UNE bench assured that one of the signatories of the letter requesting operations, Marina Pozzi-Pedulla, was tracked down by them and they discovered that in Luxembourg “They accuse them of being Russians disguised as Swiss”, and that they have an alert for company scams.

They assured that, in fact, the “insurance giant Lloyd’s” accused them of scammers in May 2018, when they issued false documents to purchase warranty insurance.

The Minister of Economy, Antonio Malouf, admitted in that summons that a delegation from Europe came to the country because they were interested in investing. He assured that he accompanied them to Petén, but expressed that he did not know the means in which they had been transported.

When asked if they were Russian, the official said that “I did not have the passports at hand” to know where they came from, But I knew they were European and they were part of a company that works here in Guatemala.

“The Swiss company it has a mine that produces nickel and that nickel must leave the country “, express.

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