Motorcyclist runs over a woman in the Elsa Hernández de Torreón neighborhood

A woman was injured after being run over by a motorcyclist in the Elsa Hernández neighborhood of the city of Torreón.

The facts were recorded around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, on the Mexico road, in front of number 171.

The unit indicated as responsible is a motorcycle of the Vento brand, RT200 line, black color, model 2020, which was driven by Juan Pablo, 23 years old.

The vehicle was driving north to south on the Mexico road when it hit the pedestrian, who was trying to cross the road from west to east.

The female person, identified as 42-year-old Rosa Maria, ended up lying on the asphalt mat.

Witnesses to the events requested the presence of the city’s rescue and security corporations through a telephone call to the state 911 emergency system.

Red Cross paramedics arrived at the scene to treat the injured, same that was transferred to a city hospital for medical evaluation.

Elements of the Municipal Traffic and Roads Directorate guarded the area to prevent another road accident from occurring.

For their part, the staff of the Department of Experts of the Municipal Court of Justice learned of the facts.

The young motorcyclist was arrested and placed at the disposal of the Investigating Agent of the Public Ministry for the crime of injuries.

The motorcycle was sent to a corral in the city for safekeeping.

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