Monotributo: how the AFIP simulator works to know what benefits you can access with the new law

Last July the tax relief was approved in Congress through the law 27,639 the new tax relief regulations for some 4 million contributors, which eliminated the payment of the retroactive increase previously established by the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP).

The new law establishes the creation of Strengthening and Tax Relief Program for Small Taxpayers, which seeks to complement the Tax Support and Inclusion Regime for Small Taxpayers through a series of measures, among which the maintenance of the values ​​of the scales of the first half of the year according to the parameters of December 2020.

Through the link of, you can access how the amounts to be paid with the recategorization were established, with the premise of allowing taxpayers a useful and easily accessible tool to know the benefits that can be accessed with the regulations approved this year.

Effective July 1, 2021, the maximum gross income parameters allowed for each category are updated. These parameters must be considered for the recategorization corresponding to the first calendar semester of the year 2021, which could be carried out between July 28 and August 17, 2021.

New parameters, according to each category

The law then sets the new annual gross income parameters to establish the different Monotax categories, which were set as follows:

– Category A: Gross Income up to $ 370,000.

– Category B: Gross Income up to $ 550,000.

– Category C: Gross Income up to $ 770,000.

– Category D: Gross Income up to $ 1,060,000.

– Category E: Gross Income up to $ 1,400,000.

– Category F: Gross Income up to $ 1,750,000.

– Category G: Gross Income up to $ 2,100,000.

– Category H: Gross Income up to $ 2,600,000.

– Category I: Gross Income up to $ 2,910,000.

– Category J: Gross Income up to $ 3,335,000.

– Category K: Gross Income up to $ 3,700,000.

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