Monotax: how to recategorize for January

The recategorization of the monotax is enabled until January 20 and the amount corresponding to the new category will be paid in February, confirmed the AFIP.

The agency explained that to determine whether to change categories, taxpayers must control the gross income of the last 12 months to compare them with the new values ​​of the categories that are available at

The amount corresponding to the new category will be paid in February, the month following the recategorization. The maximum billing values ​​and the monthly obligation of the three components of the monotax (tax, health and pension) increased in 2022 by 26% compared to the second half of 2021.

The collecting body stressed that recategorization is a mandatory procedure that monotributistas must carry out to determine if, according to the income of the last 12 months, it is up to them to change the category.

In case of maintaining the same category, it is not necessary to carry out any procedure and it is not appropriate to recategorize if less than six months have elapsed since enrollment in the simplified regime. On the other hand, if the period is between six and less than 12 months, the income must be annualized to recategorize.

Monotributistas who have paid in time and form at least nine of the 12 monthly obligations of 2021 will have access to a one-month reimbursement of the tax component. The refund will be automatically credited to the bank accounts or credit cards attached as a means of payment.

To pay the monotax fee, taxpayers must exclusively use electronic means, AFIP recalled in a statement. Through the Monotributo portal, they can confirm the expiration date of each installment and the amount to be paid. Payment can be made from an electronic payment flyer (VEP), homebanking, ATM, credit card, automatic debit from a bank account or Mercado Pago.

The payment options enabled by the AFIP are the following:

Through the AFIP website: monotributistas must enter with their tax code and generate the VEP through the Monotributistas y Autónomos Current Account (CCMA) service. There they must select the selected payment entity.

Through homebanking: to be able to use electronic banking to pay their monthly installments, taxpayers must first attend with their credit card.
debit to ATMs that are on the same network as said card, to obtain the access code.

Automatic debit: taxpayers can choose to adhere to the automatic debit of the monthly fee from their bank account or credit card. This management can be done on the AFIP website or by contacting the bank. Those who choose to join the automatic debit may do so through the Monotributo Portal.

Through Mercado Pago: from any electronic device that has the Mercado Pago application or from that company’s website.

Electronic wallet: in this case, it can be used only to cancel own obligations, not third parties. Monotributistas must enter the “Account System
Tax “,” Transactions “option and select” AFIP Electronic Wallet “.

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