Mobile for testing moves to Ingeniero White

From Monday to Thursday 20, they indicate from the Municipality, the itinerant center to detect coronavirus will be located in Ingeniero White, on the premises of the Scout Group Don Ernesto Pilling (Lautaro 2700).

He will attend from 9 to 12.30 without prior appointment. At the site, a maximum of 150 tests per day will be carried out, with a rapid analysis method, which allows the result to be obtained in 15 minutes.

The mobile that was already in the Villa Serra Health Unit will continue its circuit through Villa Gloria, Estomba, Nueva Belgrano, Bordeu and the Piñeiro sector. Meanwhile, from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 12.30 there are also two fixed service points available (in addition to those provided by Health Region 1):

Cono Sur (Caronti 76)
Pampa Central Sanitary Unit (Jujuy 946)

To keep in mind:

Only people who can prove their identity and who have at least 48 hours of symptoms are swabbed. Patients who require pre-surgery and travelers will not be swabbed. Nor to those who do not present symptoms or are in close contact.

It is important to note that hospitals do not function as rapid testing centers.

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