Miss South Africa 2021, the most beautiful dresses of the finalists

The Miss South Africa 2021 pageant is due to announcements of this year’s winner, so the contestants are already showing off the dresses more beautiful, several of the finalists have posed to represent their country.

The winner of Miss Universe 2020, the Mexican Andrea Meza recently arrived at Cape Town in South Africa to participate as a jury in the national contest, a few months after finishing his legacy and having to give up the crown of a thousand diamonds.

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What the native of Chihuahua detailed in an interview what she is looking for in the candidates for Miss South Africa 2021 as the chosen one will surely participate in Miss Universe 2021 next to be held in the month of December in the United States.

The October 16 It is the date to announce the winner of the beauty pageant at the GrandArena, GrandWest In Cape Town, Andrea Meza explained that what she is looking for in the participants is to know their personality and their presence on stage.

“I know that Miss Universe is looking for someone who trusts in herself and is not afraid of breaking the mold, my advice is to live in the moment because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”. Mexican third when wearing the crown.

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Catriona Gray is one of the participants who poses with a cute brown dress with holan, it is the most beautiful color to wear in autumn and that denotes a whole bohemian style. Pia Wurtzbach is also a contestant and dazzles in an elegant black dress with white flowers.

Miss South Africa 2021, the most beautiful dresses of the finalists. Photo: Instagram

La bailarina Lalela Lali surprise with a ballerina inspired dress, in a cute shade of pink and Zimingonaphakade Mabunzi settled on the elegance of the black dress with a very extravagant necklace in reference to his culture.

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Even the contestants made a Photoshoot in which all wear a very similar outfit, it is a whole range of tonos nude that combined with the sun’s rays makes them look more spectacular.

It should be noted that Miss Universe 2019 is originally from South Africa, it is about Both Tunzi who undoubtedly became an inspiration so that the women who compete in Miss South Africa can aspire to the maximum title of universal beauty.

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