Minister Flávia Arruda, from the General Secretariat of Government, requested leave from the position as of Thursday (13) and will be away from the portfolio until January 21 to deal with “private matters”. The holder’s license is published in the Official Diary of the Union this Friday (14th).

Minister Flávia Arruda, of the General Secretariat of Government.
Photo: Dida Sampaio/Estadão Content.

Sole representative of the PL – President Jair’s new party Bolsonaro, the minister has been suffering wear and tear in her relationship with the ruling base for a few months. She is pressured above all by members of Centrão, who ask for her resignation for allegedly not honoring amendments transfer agreements.

In December 2021, Senator Eduardo Braga (MDB-AM) had a disagreement with the minister over the phone when demanding the release of an amendment promised to him by the Planalto. The parliamentarian would have screamed and verbally attacked the minister, using sexist expressions, which even motivated a note of repudiation from the female bench of the Chamber.

In an interview in the first week of the year, Bolsonaro said that he “does not know” where the minister would have gone wrong for her resignation to be requested. “If, by chance, (she) is wrong, as has already happened, it happens, I call and talk to her. She will never be fired by the press,” he said.

The minister started the year by making trips to the portfolio. Last week, she was chosen by the Chief Executive to visit cities affected by the rain in Minas Gerais and help to make resources available to the affected municipalities. She recorded part of the visits on her official Instagram profile.

Among other things, the government’s General Secretariat has the function of coordinating political articulation, conducting dialogue and guaranteeing the integration of the Executive Branch with society. There is still no detailed justification released by the Planalto or the ministry about the temporary removal of the minister.