Millionaire investment in Saavedra for the Volunteer Firefighters

The Volunteer Firefighters of Saavedra made a millionaire investment in equipment and were able to acquire a new fire truck and a truck that will be used for daily use by these public servants.

In that sense, Osvaldo Fidalgo, president of the entity, stressed that the fire engine is a 1988 model and was acquired from the Urdampilleta Volunteer Firefighters, for a value of 2.6 million, while the truck is a 2010 Dodge RAM. for which 3 million pesos were paid.

“After several years of savings and a very austere administration, we have managed to do a double operation: buy a fire engine and rescue unit, and also a truck that has to be equipped to turn it into a quick exit vehicle,” he reflected.

The fire engine, of North American origin, had previously been acquired in Germany but, as Urdampilleta’s body could not take charge of the payment, its leadership ended up selling it.

“It is impeccable,” he emphasized. It has a double utility, because it can be used as a fire engine, with a capacity of 1,600 liters and special nozzles to make the water more efficient, as well as comforts and rescue equipment. It has 18,500 real kilometers, but now we have to equip it ”.

According to its dimensions, it will allow to carry seven firefighters, two autonomous teams and the driver. The investment to continue equipping it can cost up to 10 million pesos and the idea is to do it in different stages.

In principle, this vehicle would go to the Dufaur Fire Detachment No. 2

Meanwhile, Filócomo pointed out that the truck can be adapted as equipment for forest fires, for which 1.5 million pesos would have to be disbursed.

“For future fires we are prepared and now we have a reinforcement,” said the manager, who remarked that the body now has six fire trucks throughout its jurisdiction.

On the other hand, he pointed out that a partner campaign is being carried out.

“If the neighbors can give us a little hand, we will be very grateful, because we will be able to continue improving and modernizing the claims care system,” he said.

Finally, regarding a house adjacent to the barracks, which was donated to them a few years ago, he pointed out that they are working on conditioning tasks, with an 80% progress.

“We are only missing some details that we will finish this year or next. However, it is already in use, since we use it as a room for training and board meetings, as well as the secretariat and a warehouse ”, he concluded. (Saavedra Agency)

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