Millionaire drug kidnapping in the heart of Mendoza

A millionaire drug kidnapping carried out the Mendoza Police in a department located in the heart of the city. They estimate that the total of the kidnapped has a market value of 36 million pesos. The owners of the cocaine had been arrested days ago with money.

The procedure was carried out by the staff of Fight Against Drug Trafficking in an apartment located in the Miter street of the City. The investigation, from the Federal Justice, began after an anonymous call in which it affirmed that in the place they were dedicated to the commercialization of narcotics.

The investigation began with an anonymous call

With the precise data, the officers carried out the search on the property and found 20 kilos of cocaine and 2 of marijuana. Likewise, the owners, who had been arrested days ago with a kilo of cocaine and foreign currency money, were not at the site.

According to investigators, cocaine sequestration has a market value of 36 million pesos, while that of marijuana is 40 thousand. The drug was seized and was at the disposal of the Justice.


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