"Milei is an interesting phenomenon, I like her", stated Patricia Bullrich

The president of PRO, Patricia Bullrich, said today that La Libertad candidate Avanza Javier “Milei is an interesting phenomenon”, referring to the economist who obtained third place in the primaries in the City with 13.66% of the votes , and explained that he congratulated him on his results because it is a “good gesture”, but also because he “appreciates” it.

The former Security Minister said that her reading two days after the elections is “to put on your overalls and go to work because the election is on November 14.”

“The reading regarding leaderships at this moment is an irrelevant dispute, which is not getting us anywhere” at this moment, considered Bullrich.

The opposition leader also argued that Together for Change must “rebuild the young vote” with its strength, in light of the fact that much of that vote migrated to Milei (Freedom advances) or other candidates.

In this context, he valued the work of the liberal economist and revealed that he is very in tune with him, in what seemed like a nod to the libertarian.

“I have cultivated a relationship with him, a friendship, so I congratulated him,” said Bullrich, who remarked that the economist made “a good choice” and considered that “Milei is an interesting phenomenon.”

The final scrutiny begins, which will put the exact number to the victory of Together in the Province

“He is young, takes young people. I have much more years in politics, and I think it is a good gesture to congratulate him and encourage him to continue,” he continued on the subject.

“I appreciate him and I have sympathy for him,” he also said. And he added: “Later, when these elections take place, we are going to try to add absolutely everyone, because this election has given us results.”

Regarding the PRO voter, he pointed out that his electorate “is increased in older people and not so much in young people.”

“In 2015 we had more young people, now we have to rebuild that young vote,” he remarked.

Finally, he considered that “no deputy who enters for liberalism is going to vote very differently from what they vote Together for Change.”

“It seems to me that they are important alliances. We will have our bloc, Kirchnerism theirs, and then there are always some deputies who, according to general trends, lean,” he concluded. (Télam)

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