Milagro: “This is a time of faith, which marks the very essence of being Salta”

Within the framework of the beginning of the Triduum of the Miracle, which culminates with the renewal of the Pact of Faith, Dante Bernacki, vicar of the archdiocese of Salta and pastor of Nuestra Señora del Tránsito, in No Turns, from Get informed, assured that It is about “a time of faith”, which marks the very essence of being from Salta.

“We must not forget that we carry the Living Christ in our hearts”

In this context, he argued that the suspension of the Procession last year made the people of Salta aware that the Miracle is something that is carried in the heart. “Last year the Miracle was lived in the family, I think it was a different Miracle, but it helps us to become unaccustomed and revalue what the miracle means for Salta people.”

“Many times I tell people, the Miracle ends, we leave the images in the Cathedral but we take the living Christ here, but we are certainly depending on the proximity of an image, nothing else,” he said. Dante Bernacki.

With respect to the pilgrims, who, on the recommendation of the Curia, will not be able to come to the Miracle, stressed that “They evangelize without words”. “They do not realize what they bring to one’s heart, many times I told them, you evangelize without words because without words how many people meet Christ when they meet pilgrims,” ​​he said.

“The essence is in the love that moves you to go to meet the Lord and the Virgin of the Miracle”

Finally, he celebrated that beyond the protocols, capacity and others, the fidelity pact will be celebrated on September 15. “There are many families that have been very hurt and need the consolation of God, we cannot put aside the faith that is essential to man and is essential to man especially in our moments of pain,” he concluded.

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