Microsoft Word adds a checker that suggests inclusive language

Microsoft added a style checker to Word that underlines phrases or words that may be politically incorrect or discriminatory, and suggests replacing them with inclusive language options.

The tool works similarly to the style and spell checker, which underlines errors in red and right-clicking offers an alternative. The inclusive language checker underlines politically incorrect words or phrases in purple, and opens a window offering inclusive options.

For example, if the user types the word showgirl, which in Spanish would be equivalent to cabaret, Word suggests words like dancer or performing artist.). We haven’t had a chance to test the feature in Spanish, but we thought you’d suggest changing terms like prostitute to sex worker or native Indians to original peoples.

Suggestions in Word’s new spell checker cover everything from cultural, gender, and sexual orientation considerations to socioeconomic status.

According to information from British newspaper The Times, the “politically correct” checker is enabled in Word and some other Microsoft applications that run on the web, such as Office 365 apps.

The newspaper notes that the tool seems designed to make Word a woke application. The term, linked to an English word that means “awakening”, is coined to people who notice racial, economic, social discrimination practices, among others.

Likewise, it clarifies that as it happens with the spelling and grammar checker of Microsoft Word, it is possible to deactivate it.

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