Mia Rubín surprises with interpretation of Frank Sinatra

MEXICO CITY.- Mia Rubín a few months ago he started his musical career thanks to the unconditional support he has received from his parents, Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín, who were recently accompanying her in the recording of one of his music videos.

The young woman from 16 years, has left his fans speechless with the interpretations he has made on his social networks, which on more than one occasion it has gone viral, especially the songs in English.

In his most recent publication of TikTok, Mia shared a video in which she appears singing one of Frank Sinatra’s musical hits, “Fly me to the moon” in which he showed his vocal talent.

The driver’s daughter has shown that she is not only good when it comes to interpreting in Spanish, because she has already shown to have a amazing English language which allows you to sing in that language too.

Fly the moon, have you seen squidgame yet? ” the young woman wrote in her post.

The fans and followers of the artist sent their comments and compliments in the publication: “Your voice”, “sing it completely”, “hello mia”, “how beautiful”, “ok, but your voice”, “what an incredible voice”, were some of the comments.

Since the end of the year 2020, Mia launched a virtual concert with her father Erik Rubín, which was totally a success, where they sang some songs from the former Timbiriche.

Mia Rubín makes her dreams come true

A couple of weeks ago the daughter of Andrea Legarreta appeared on the program ‘Hoy’ singing alongside La Sonora Santanera, performing the song of “Thief” in front of the cameras.

During the Interview My She revealed that she felt very fortunate to have the opportunity to fight and fulfill her dreams, especially because she has the support and affection that her family gives her.

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