Metallica fan creates Lars Ulrich toilet and goes viral

A toilet made in the image and likeness of the drummer of Metallica, Lars Ulrich, with its recognizable aesthetics from the 80s; It has caused a sensation on the Internet.

And its creator is none other than Prince Midnight, the metal musician and provocateur of Florida that already went viral when he made a guitar with a skeleton that, according to him, was his dead uncle 💀.

The toilet of Lars Ulrich It is the latest physical artwork of Midnight, who practices unconventional black / goth metal with vibraphone, and produces a number of unusual works of art. Last year he released an EP with his own music, but the toilet of Lars Ulrich is part of your company Hellmouth Plumbing Supply, a bathroom and art boutique he launched, featuring toilet lids illustrated by classic heavy metal album covers.

In a short interview with Loudwire, Prince Midnight said about the bizarre toilet of Lars Ulrich:

“Make no mistake, this is not that I am making fun of Lars. It’s my way, though unconventional, of honoring Lars Ulrich already Metallica. I could have painted a picture or done a traditional sculpture, but nobody would have noticed, and really, that’s not the kind of art and performance that I do. The first group I loved was Metallica, the first album I became obsessed with, the first music I immersed myself in, the concert I attended ”.

Via Loudwire.

Likewise, the artist confessed that he used “A ton of natural clay” to mold Lars, in addition to resin and fiberglass. The sculpture took him about two months to complete, and he did it in his backyard.

Midnight keeps the bathroom of Lars Ulrich it is installed and fully functional. He says he will move it “for public use” to the music venue. Brass Mug from Tampa, Florida, on December 3, as part of what he calls a “Artistic show that will take place in the bathroom during the show [de Prince Midnight]”.

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