Men in stolen car are shot dead after criminals round up

Two men, both approximately 25 years old, were shot dead this Monday afternoon (10), in the Tatuquara neighborhood, in Curitiba. The suspects in the crime had been hanging around the area moments before, according to residents.

According to witnesses heard by the Band B, the criminals used a dark-colored car to round the neighborhood and escape. The double homicide was recorded on Ignês de Souza Soares Street.

The victims, who were in an Onyx vehicle that was stolen this Saturday morning (09), would have been targets of about 30 shots.

“Everything leads us to believe that the victims are the authors of the car theft that took place two days ago, not least because the characteristics match the description of the thieves”, said delegate Thiago Nóbrega, from the Homicide and Protection of Persons Police Station (DHPP).

Photo: Cristiano Vaz / Band B

One of the men was hit by at least 15 shots, according to information from the Military Police (PM). One of the victims would have managed to run about 50 meters, but fell and died afterwards.

Also according to the Civil Police chief, there is a suspicion that the victims, who do not live in the region where the crime took place, have arranged a meeting with the criminals.

“The suspects didn’t even get out of the car and started shooting.”

For the police, submachine guns may have been used by the criminals.

So far, the suspects have not been located.

The Criminalistics Institute and the IML (Legal Medical Institute) were called on the spot.

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