Megan Fox’s disgusting love gesture with Machine Gun Kelly after getting engaged

Megan Fox 35 years old and after one relationship, she agreed to formalize her relationship with her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly, who is an actor, singer and rapper. Now the marriage is expected for the Transformers actress to change her marital status again after her divorce from Brian Austin Green, father of her three children, in May 2020.

Megan Fox He assured in the video where he made the proposal of his better half public, that we had no idea of ​​the pain that we would face together in such a short time and in this frantic way. We didn’t know all the work and sacrifice our relationship was going to require, albeit intoxicated love and karma. “Anyway, a year and a half later, after going through hell together, after laughing so hard, in a way that I never would have imagined, he asked me to marry him, “he continued. “And as in all my previous lives and in all those that I lack, I said yes And then we drank our blood, each other”.

Megan Fox posing. Source: Instagram @Meganfox

As it reads, Megan Denise Fox and Colson Baker, better known as Machine Gun Kelly (her stage name was given for her fast-firing lyrical flow and is a reference to the famous criminal Machine Gun Kelly), they drank their blood after the proposal with a luxurious ring that features a diamond and an emerald: and affirmative response from the actress . “I know that tradition is one ring, but I designed this to be two: the emerald (his birthstone) and the diamond (mine) set in two magnetic bands of thorns that unite them, like two halves of a soul, forming that dark heart that is our love “, finished the Kelly.

It seems paradoxical that the last work of Megan Fox In movies, be that of a young vampire and make the decision to drink the blood of her future husband in the off-camera scene. This is Night Teeth, where Fox plays Grace and is already one of the most exciting films of this plot.

Megan Fox en Night Teeth.

In 2009 Megan he had already been a vampire in another movie (Diabolical Temptation). Now it is his turn in Night Teeth, a film that is on Netflix and that presents scenes of vampires drinking blood, brutally beating and occasionally killing both humans and other bloodsuckers, and being burned alive by contact with sunlight. However, the tone is more playful and fun.

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