Megan Fox: the hidden meaning of her engagement ring

On Instagram, Megan Fox shared with her community the very symbolic marriage proposal of her companion Machine Gun Kelly. A request made in the rules of the art and where romanticism was the key word. Kneeling on the ground under a tree, we see the musician asking for his girlfriend’s hand before slipping a resplendent ring on her finger. Like his request, the artist wanted to offer his soul mate an engagement ring filled with meaning and love. So he called on jeweler Stephen Webster to create a piece of jewelry as unique as their relationship.

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A symbolic engagement ring

Stephen Webster told “Vogue” magazine that he was particularly touched and sensitive to Machine Gun Kelly’s request: “It’s probably the most romantic story I’ve had to work on.” According to the will of the singer, the jeweler incorporated their story into this highly symbolic jewel. For this, he bet on a ring adorned with two stones: an emerald, birthstone of Megan Fox and a diamond, that of Machine Gun Kelly. To symbolize their unique bond and union, he chose to intertwine them using double-twisted bands. Thus, the stones come together “like the two halves of the same soul forming the dark heart of our love” explains the musician in his Instagram post unveiling the jewel. A simple and elegant engagement ring, full of meaning and irreplaceable.

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