Mega scandal! They reveal that one of the Bake Off Argentina participants is a professional cook

Hernán and Silvina were the best pastry chefs of the day – Bake Off 2021

“I follow her on Instagram and a week ago I found out that she entered. She is a professional pastry chef, she sells and teaches. He has courses with Pedro Lambertini and photos with Juliana López May … I completed the form and did not enter “, was one of the tweets that began to circulate on Monday night, during the broadcast of Bake Off.

Far from being a secret, Santarelli has an Instagram profile (@mamasilvicocina) in which he mixes his photos with famous chefs with others from his family and their recipes and tips.

As if that were not enough, he has another private, personal and closed profile in which there is a photo of the pastry chef next to Donato De Santis (jury of MasterChef Celebrity) in a course in 2015. “With Ine and Donato’s genius learning to make cannoli, caprese cake, tiramisu and rum baba”, you can read.

Despite the scandalous accusations, the production of Bake Off has not issued any statement or discharge on this situation.

Bake Off Argentina which is broadcast by Telefe, will go from Monday to Thursday and on Sundays it will be the elimination gala, the same methodology that was seen with MasterChef Argentina. And different from the second season that was only broadcast on Sunday nights, it should be remembered that this season was broadcast during the strict quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic and was a resounding success.

The 14 amateur pastry chefs, from different locations in Argentina, will seek to win the top prize in Bake Off Argentina 2021, which will be $ 1,500,000 for the winner.


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