Meeting postponed and doubts: the talk between Saldaña and Bernardi scheduled by Astore did not take place

The work meeting agreed by Ignacio Astore, where he was going to try to reconcile the parties between Julio Saldaña and Lucas Bernardi, finally did not take place. And there is no precision if this conclave will be held or not.

The situation does not seem easy to resolve. On the one hand Julio Saldaña has already formed his work team and said publicly that Lucas Bernardi, current Football Manager, is not compatible with his idea. The soccer strongman of the ruling party closed the door on Bernardi, but there are political issues that do not make the departure of the former leper captain easy.

Before taking office in June, both Bernardi and Daniel Faggiani spoke personally with Astore to get his go-ahead should he win the election. And the current leper president gave them the OK, beyond the fact that it was always clear that his soccer man was Saldaña.

That is the crossroads for Astore, who surely imagined that Saldaña and Bernardi would be able to coexist in similar positions. And that seems to be not possible. So it should come as no surprise that Saldaña came out with the end caps on Monday, once Astore told him about the work meeting with Bernardi, which in the end was not done.

What will happen? Bernardi hopes that the leper president will summon him, since for now he did not give him details about the suspension of the meeting. If Saldaña does not loosen, Astore will have to assume the departure of Bernardi, knowing that it was not previously agreed with the former Monaco. And it should also solve the economic, since Bernardi’s contract has only lasted four months.

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