Meet the beautiful mother of Clarissa Molina

Clarissa Molina In addition to being a model, she is a television presenter, which takes her a long time to work and as soon as she could, she took the opportunity to disconnect for a few days to go on vacation with her mother, Clara, and her current boyfriend, Vicente Saavedra, a man who dedicates himself to do consultancies and manage the career of artists.

For ClarissaThis year has not started badly at all. The Dominican beauty queen showed off her paradisiacal vacations in the Exumas Islands, in the Bahamas, where she was accompanied by the two loves of her life. On his social networks, he shared an album of photos and videos of how these magical days were between crystal clear waters and fairytale landscapes. The striking thing is that far from being the couple the focus of the applause, it was his mother, who fell in love with more than one.

Clarissa and her mom Clara enjoying. Source: Instagram @clarissamolina

Although there were several postcards that he published Clarissa Maria Molina Contreras, it was undoubtedly her mother’s with her that caused a stir. The photo of both smiling without makeup or filters shot the compliments to Mrs. Clara, who was very well stopped. Some of the compliments that rained down on Clara were “They look like sisters!”, “If she was presented to Nuestra Belleza Latina, she would even beat you”, “Your mother is beautiful”, “God, what a pretty lady.”

Clarissa and her mom Clara enjoying. Source: Instagram @clarissamolina

the smile of Clarissa says it all. Being with two of the people he loves the most has been a dream that has recharged his soul and heart. It also served so that her mother can rest her mind after living one of the most horrible moments of her life when she lost her boyfriend, who was with the whole family for the last 15 years.

The photos of the publication on the bride’s Instagram Vincent Saavedra, who also has his compliments for being romantically linked with the beautiful Clarissa Molina, achieved in addition to the hundreds of messages for his mother (and for the couple), more than 66 thousand likes in the first hours of publication on the web.


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