McLaren, Ricciardo: “Compared to Norris, I lose in the fast corners”

Andrea Stella, McLaren racing director, had already explained it some time ago: Daniel Ricciardo’s problems in adapting to McLaren are due to the Australian driver’s difficulty in bringing speed into corners as he likes, a problem due to the characteristics of the McLaren MCL35M, a car that requires a certain type of driving style, especially in the medium-fast sections.

Daniel Ricciardo himself, impalpable in Qatar and generally not very competitive in the last three GPs, but more generally rarely on the level of Lando Norris this year, explained that his difficulties and therefore his gap from his teammate are precisely due to the time lost in the fast corners.

“My problem with McLaren are the long medium-high speed corners, the ones where our car is put to the test the most and where it requires a certain type of style, let’s say all its own.Ricciardo’s words reported by Racingnews365.comNorris does a better job in these kind of corners, I haven’t been able to be completely comfortable yet. It is a problem of corner entry, of how to work with braking and with the steering wheel. I’m trying to improve, but I still can’t ride them as fast as I want, and I often lose a tenth of Norris. The problem is that if the tenths are added at the end of the lap, they can reach three or four. The problem is this, we could say that it is a limit of the car, but ultimately it is my limit, because I cannot make the car go fast in that type of corner ”.

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