Maypi Delgado debuted boyfriend in the snow: "His name is Juan, he is from San Juan and we met while walking in …"

A bit far from the media but active in social networks where being an influencer has become her greatest source of work and income, Maypi Delgado He devoted himself fully to instagram and his brand of accessories and baby clothes.

Fortunate at work, the former flight attendant of Guido Kackzca I did not have the same luck personally … or in love. It is that at the beginning of 2021 the beautiful model from Mar del Plata had an accident while practicing water sports and had to undergo knee surgery.

However, in the midst of recovery and rehabilitation, Delgado shared with his followers, as they asked him privately about it, that he had ended his relationship with the gastronomic entrepreneur he had met at the beginning of the pandemic while walking his dog .

Maypi turned the page and looking forward, when she least expected it … she found love again. The brunette was doomed to her new apartment in Mar del Plata where in recent months she settled in to decorate and set it, and on one of the outings to ride a motorcycle through Buenos Aires … fate surprised her.

We met while riding a motorcycle. We spend a long time together and we get along amazing. We like the same sports “Maypi commented about her new boyfriend, a young man from San Juan named Juan who works as manager of a foreign company in the energy sector. And as I said right Rafaela Carrá, to fall in love well you have to go south. And that’s what the brand new couple did.

The model and her new partner decided to travel with friends to Ushuaia and from the snow Delgado made their romance official with a romantic post on Instagram. “We went to Mardel and then we came here. I never did snow and he has been for many years. So he told me to take a trip to learn“, Said the model in dialogue with Paparazzi.

And as for this relationship that has been going on for about 3 months, and while enjoying walking around southern Argentina, Maypi added, “We went with friends of his. This is our first trip together. I am happy”.

“His name is Juan and we met while riding a motorcycle. We spend a lot of time together and we get along incredible. We like the same sports,” shared the model.

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