Máximo Kirchner will be key in the decision on the continuity of an official

the journey of Luana Volnovich and his partner, also an official of the PAMI, to the paradisiacal Mexican beaches caused more anger indoors in The Campora than in Casa Rosada. It is that, from the group they also got a surprise when the video that established their whereabouts was released.

Although the official did not commit any type of crime or labor misconduct, the Presidency had lowered a fairly clear slogan: do not vacation outside the country. The decision was made to show the example in the midst of a crisis context, but also due to the measure established by the Central Bank to prohibit the purchase of tourist products abroad through credit cards. Something that caused discomfort in the middle class and discouraged Argentine travelers.

Given what happened, rumors began indicating the possible departure of the owner of the PAMI. Something that the government spokeswoman, Gabriela Cerruti, preferred not to comment on Thursday during her usual conference.

However, the last word will have it, none other than Maximo Kirchner. At least that is what is being talked about in the corridors of Balcarce 50 and it seems that no one is surprised by the fact that it is the national senator who has enough power to give a female official the thumbs down.

The explanation they give tries not to take power away from Alberto Fernandez but, as they argue, this space (the PAMI) had been granted to The Campora after the 2019 elections. Therefore, it will be the head of the group who has to forgive Volnovich or ask for his head.


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