Massa revealed that Macri asked them for help in 2019 to "order" his management, and now he asks "remove"

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, harshly questioned former president Mauricio Macri today for requesting the “dismissal” of the Government, while revealing that the PRO leader called him and Alberto Fernández after the STEP of 2019 to to help him “order” the last stretch of his administration.

“We believe in democracy when we win and when we lose. I’m going to tell something that maybe I shouldn’t. I remember after the STEP of 2019, when the former president gets up one morning, he reacts like a boy who had been robbed of his toy, gets angry with the Argentines and costs us 14,000 million dollars in reserve. In a tragic week for Argentina, “said Massa.

In an act together with the President in Berazategui, the leader of the Renewal Front continued: “But I remember that weekend, the former president who seems to have come to his senses, calling you (Alberto Fernández), then president By calling me, at that time an elected deputy, through Emilio Monzó, directly on WhatsApp, asking us to help him organize the last section of his government. “

“And I remember your generosity that Monday, putting a ceiling on the dollar to end the speculation that was being generated by the failure of the Macri government,” Massa said, speaking before the President.

Cafiero accused Macri of seeking to “interrupt a constitutional mandate”

The head of the lower house referred to the statements of Macri, who said: “If we find that the majority of Argentines say enough, that will generate a recovery of hope. There will be a new air on Monday saying well, either change or leave. In time they will have to leave because they have lost support, trust has been destroyed. “

“And I see it now, calling to say that according to the electoral result, this or that thing has to happen, almost without respecting the constitutional order,” Massa complained.

“As we believe in democracy and are used to turning the other cheek and defending democracy, while he calls to dismiss this government, we to that after the election there are five state policies, they feel at the table as an opposition It is serious and responsible to give medium and long-term policies, “the Tigrense highlighted.

And he added: “They call for the removal of the Government and we want dialogue. As they are not going to get us out of nowhere, on December 11 we are going to bring the opposition to the table so that together they can help us move the country forward. “. (NA)

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