Marina Vitela will request a license this afternoon from the Cabildo

The mayor Marina Veal Rodríguez, He will request this afternoon in the Cabildo session for a license to separate from his position. Instead in front of the front of the Gómez Palacio town hall, his substitute will remain Anabell Gutiérrez, at least for the next 100 days.

Vitela Rodríguez was selected by the National Council of Morena, to participate in the survey to select the candidate for the government of Durango, along with three other characters: Deputy Maribel Aguilera, Senator José Ramón Enríquez and Santiago Fierro, member of the National Institute of Political Training of Morena.

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“We will have to request a license to be able to go to the interior of the state and listen to society, listen to the militancy, we are in an internal process that depends entirely on the party. There are already mechanisms, it will be the polls, “said the mayor.

He recalled that the gender designated for the state of Durango plays a very important place.

And it is that he mentioned that for him Process 2021-2022, In the six states where governorships will be renewed, three candidates and three candidates will have to be selected.

“I want to emphasize that I trust the mechanisms and in our party that the only thing I want is to strengthen the movement and strengthen this party that today has given us a leader always attached to those who have the least ”.

Vitela said his absence could extend to February month. “It is around 100 days that I can go,” and he announced that as required by law, it will be his substitute who will serve as Municipal President, Anabell Gutiérrez.

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