Maribel Guardia dazzles with a yellow fitted dress that highlights her beautiful hips

The actress always leaves all her followers with their mouths open, since in this chance She decided to share through her instagram account, how good the color yellow suits her, it is clear to us that she looks beautiful, in addition to that she knew how to combine it very well, since Maribel has very good taste in dressing.

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This dress makes her look like a whole siren, since it is fitted and highlights its curves. This garment has bulging sleeves on the shoulders, as well as several buttons in the bust area that end where the abdomen begins. It is seen that it is a fabric that benefits a lot to see you as an hourglass.

The shoe chose to also be in yellow, just a shade stronger than her dress, in addition to her characteristic straight jet black hair. Maribel Guardia is posing in company of a pot of white orchids, as we know the actress has a great taste for plants, since in most of her photos we can see them.

Maribel Guardia accompanied this publication with a beautiful reflection, “Errors are assumed, experiences are lived, criticisms are ignored and life is enjoyed”, as we know she is a fan of always motivating all her followers And what better than in the navel of the week, because again it is almost over.

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His followers did not hesitate to comment on this photograph, sending him compliments such as, “Beautiful”, “Precious”, but one that he called the attention It was “What beautiful orchids, but it does not compare with your beauty chiquibaby, we love you” and the truth is that it shows that they adore her, because not only her physique characterizes her, but her simplicity.

Personalities from the show also commented on the photo, including Africa Zavala and the famous Latin Lover. Recently Maribel Guardia was a trend for responding to criticism against Lyn May by Niurka. Two former vedettes who are always in the eye of the hurricane and starring in scandals.

Lyn May was criticized for the surgeries she has performed over the years, in addition to recommending that all her followers use botox. This was one of the reasons why Maribel Guardia unthinkingly supported the former star, ensuring that there is nothing wrong with wanting to modify her physique by submitting to these procedures.

“It does not seem fair to me, for example I to Lyn May, I see her and she is a lady that I admire a lot, the body what she has, the truth is that many of 20 would like to see themselves having Lyn’s body, the marked long waist ”, although if it is to be admired, it is not fair to compare them, with surgeries anyone can.

If it is to be admired how Maribel Guardia looks, because she has a great body, which obviously has needed a strict diet and exercise, but it is no secret to anyone that surgeries they have been basic to stay that way. For now I will only say that I was fascinated with her yellow dress and that I loved it, without a doubt she has very good dressing taste.

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