Many local players and other surprises from abroad: La Roja’s nominee for friendlies

From La Roja they published a pre-list of 44 players for the friendlies that will be played in December against Mexico and El Salvador in the United States. The massive presence of local players stands out.

This Thursday from the ANFP they published a preliminary list of players to face the friendly matches agreed by the Chilean team in the United States, first against Mexico and then against El Salvador.

In the list of 44 players, several surprises from local soccer stand out, as well as some surprises from foreign soccer such as Pablo Parra (Puebla de México), Benjamín Kuscevic (Palmeiras de Brazil) or Ángelo Henríquez (Fortaleza de Brazil).

Among the local players, Martín Lasarte called players from Huachipato, Colo Colo, La Serena, Antofagasta, Católica, Unión La Calera, Everton, Universidad de Chile, Unión Española, O’Higgins, Curicó Unido, Audax Italiano and Deportes Melipilla .

The first friendly match will be played against Mexico on December 8 in Austin, Texas, while the other match will be played in California, Los Angeles, against the El Salvador team.

UNO Agency

“The final roster of 23 players will be delivered on Saturday, December 4 at 10:00 pm,” they say on the page of The Red.

Check Lasarte’s pre-payroll:

Gabriel Castellón | Huachipato

Brayan Cortés | Colo Colo

Zacarías López | Sports La Serena

Eduardo Villanueva | Colo Colo

Ignacio González | Sports Antofagasta

Sebastián Pérez | Catholic University

Jeyson Rojas | Colo Colo

Bruno Gutiérrez | Colo Colo

Joaquín Gutiérrez | Huachipato

Benjamín Kuscevic | Palmeiras (Brazil)

Paulo Diaz | River Plate (Argentina)

Sebastian Vegas | Monterrey Mexico)

Valber Huerta | Catholic University

Ignacio Tapia | Huachipato

Nicolás Díaz | Mazatlan (Mexico)

Gabriel Suazo | Colo Colo

Yerko Oyanedel | Union La Calera

Alex Ibacache | Everton

Claudio Baeza | Toluca (Mexico)

Ignacio Saavedra | Catholic University

Camilo Moya | University of Chile

Vicente Pizarro | Colo Colo

Victor Méndez | Spanish Union

Marcelino Núñez | Catholic University

Marcelo Allende | Montevideo City (Uruguay)

Diego Valdes | Santos Laguna (Mexico)

Pablo Parra | Puebla (Mexico)

Matías Sepúlveda | O’Higgins

Yerko Leiva | Curico Kingdom

Jean Meneses | Leon (Mexico)

Joaquin Montecinos | Audax Italiano

Carlos Palacios | International (Brazil)

Cristian Zavala | Sports Melipilla

Bastián Yáñez | Spanish Union

Clemente Montes | Catholic University

Franco Lobos | University of Chile

Marcos Bolados | Colo Colo

Benjamin Galdames | Spanish Union

Diego Valencia | Catholic University

Victor Dávila | Leon (Mexico)

Ivan Morales | Colo Colo

Felipe Mora | Portland Timbers (United States)

Luciano Arriagada | Colo Colo

Angelo Henríquez | Fortaleza (Brazil)

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