Man was arrested for frustrated patricide in Huechuraba: he tried to kill his father by burning his house

In this morning hours, Carabineros responded to a call for fire in the commune of Huechuraba, where the 59-year-old man revealed that his son was trying to burn down his house with the purpose of assassinating him.

The events began at around 7:00 this Sunday in a house on Canción de la Pampa street, La Pincoya population, where the son of the victim tried to set fire to his father’s house, being arrested for the crimes of frustrated patricide and arson.

Major Rodrigo Pérez Mujica, Commissioner of the 54th Police Station of Huechuraba, gave more details. “Carabineros went to a home affected by a fire, where the victim would have indicated that the author of this fire had been his son“, he pointed.

“With the information collected, service personnel, together with personnel from the Police Investigation Section (SIP), they found the author’s whereabouts, who was charged with the crimes of frustrated patricide and arson“Added the eldest.

The Prosecutor’s Office ordered the attendance of the team from the Carabineros Criminalistics Laboratory and OS9 personnel, who carried out the evidence gathering expertise.

The 30-year-old accused had a previous record and went to a second detention control. While the affected house, although it suffered damages, the affected person did not suffer injuries or the surrounding houses.

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