A 43-year-old man was rescued in serious condition after being stabbed by his own uncle, 60, on Thursday night (25), in the Uberaba neighborhood, in Curitiba. The author of the crime fled, according to information from the Military Police.

TO Band B, Lieutenant Zech, of the 20th Military Police Battalion, said the victim and the suspect live in the same house and were involved in a fight. The crime was registered on Deputy Tenório Cavalcanti street.

Photo: Eliandro Santana/Band B

“They live in the same house and ended up arguing. Then, both got into a physical fight, and the uncle came to stab his nephew”, narrated the policeman.

According to Zech, several witnesses witnessed the fight and the crime. After beating the nephew, the suspect fled and has yet to be found.

The victim was taken to Hospital Cajuru.