Man is shot in the head with a shotgun in the middle of a fight in San Antonio

A 22-year-old man was injured in his head by a shotgun blast, this in the middle of a fight that took place in the San Antonio commune, Valparaíso region, while the affected person had to be transferred to the capital of the country due to the severity of your injury.

Gunshot wound to his head It turned out a 22-year-old man, after receiving – in the middle of a stream – a shotgun blast in the commune of San Antonio, Valparaíso region.

In turn, four people were detained in the procedure and the police are investigating whether it was a dispute between those involved.

It was residents of Llolleo who denounced that a group of people faced gunfire on Olegario Henríquez street, this in the La Viuda 8 sector.

Upon the arrival of the Carabineros, it was established that at least four men -22, 29, 36 and 37 years old, respectively, none with a police record- participated in a fight outside a private house.

In this, a person identified with the initials CAGZ (36), was accused of shooting him in the face with a shotgun to a young man of 22 years.

Captain Gian Dall’orso, deputy commissioner of the Carabineros de Llolleo, asserted that the four adults were arrested, but only one will be subjected to arrest control.

According to police information, in the fight, approximately five shots.

The injured person, identified by the initials NTT, presented an eye trauma product of the shot in his face.

At first, he was taken to the Claudio Vicuña de San Antonio Hospital, but due to the severity of your injury should have been referred to the Hospital del Salvador, in the Metropolitan region.

So far, according to preliminary medical reports, it maintains a injury of a serious nature, but it is out of life risk.

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