Man dies of hypothermia inside the police checkpoint after being found lying in the street

During the night of this monday a 65-year-old man died inside a police checkpoint in the municipality of Río Bueno, Los Ríos region, after being taken there by a neighbor who found him lying on the public highway.

Major Edgardo Olivares, commissioner of the 4th Rio Bueno Police Station, explained that the procedure was registered after a neighbor will arrive at the Carimallín checkpoint in a van after having found it in the street exposed to low temperatures.

As reported by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office Radio Bío Bío, the uniformed officer indicated that in the police unit fIt was located “next to a slow combustion that is inside the seal to be able to weather the cold. “

Death would have occurred from natural causes but have yet to be determined by the SML.

Olivares added that, after his arrival they called emergency personnel, “the moment this person stops having vital signs, where SAMU personnel and paramedical personnel later found the death of this person, apparently the product of the same hypothermia and from the cold ”.

For his part, the prosecutor Rodrigo San Martín maintained that “I have been preliminarily informed that the intervention of third parties would be ruled out So what death is due to natural causes that have yet to be determined by the Legal Medical Service ”.

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