Malviviente discovered by leaving traces

A thief was discovered by the traces he left from a house he entered to rob, to his home. Following these marks, the Police carried out a search and found the stolen thing. The unusual episode occurred in the city of Curuzú Cuatiá.

The alleged offender is fully identified, although yesterday he was a fugitive.

The crime happened over the weekend in the Villa Belgrano neighborhood, the thug took advantage of the absence of the owners of the place to enter, apparently, at dawn. It is believed that he did so by climbing a wall that communicates with a patio.

After touring part of the property, he decided to take a canvas pool with its respective accessories.

After receiving the complaint at the Second Police Station, an investigation was unfolded which led to the clue that the possible criminal had also stolen a bag of lime, which apparently broke and left “traces” in his flight. another address, located not far away.

The marks on a wall, as well as scattered on the floor, led to the home of a young man with a criminal record.

Judicial authorities were informed of this situation and issued a search warrant.

Police from the aforementioned police station entered the property where the suspect lives and, as they presumed, found the pool described as stolen.

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