Luisito Comunica is criticized for buying a house in Venezuela

VENEZUELA.- Luisito Communicates He is currently one of the most recognized YouTubers in the country, having more than 37 million subscribers to your channelHe, where he shares the different experiences he lives in each of his trips.

On this occasion, the famous ‘influencer’ surprised his fans by publishing a video in which he made it known that He acquired a new house in Venezuela, facing the sea, which cost him 20 thousand dollars.

Luisito decided to show his new acquisition, which it is a small house with a room, kitchen and bathroom, with a rustic style, but what the YouTuber liked the most was that he has the opportunity to be a few meters from the sea.

Honestly, it is a very future investment, since the country recovers and property prices could go up, for this reason I also did not want to buy a house that would cost me perhaps thousands of hundreds of dollars ”declared the influencer.

In addition, ‘Luisillo’ added that that place in Venezuela lor conquered that is why you decided to invest in that area, He also recognized the difficult time Venezuelans are going through, but acknowledged that it is not that way in all cities.

The businessman also admitted that the fact of having a partner from that country, it helped a lot that the paperwork was a little faster and less complicated, because for foreigners who want to invest if it is a slightly longer process.

They criticize him on social networks

The YouTuber received strong criticism on the Twitter platform, due to the situation that many people are going through who have even had to leave the country to be able to look for other better opportunities.

For many it was a bad investment by Luisito, they even made him memes about how he would be living later in Venezuela, some others even commented that all this he did for his girlfriend.

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