Luis Carlos Restrepo: could prescribe proceedings against former commissioner – Crimes – Justice

(Read in context: With a red circular, the Prosecutor’s Office seeks the capture of Luis Carlos Restrepo).

The judge pointed out that there has been a systematic attitude by Raúl Agudelo Medina, alias Olivo Saldaña, not to attend the hearings with a lawyer.

He indicated that there are already months of postponements and that arguments such as incapacities, resignations of the defenders and the termination of the contract of the last defender assigned to the Ombudsman’s Office have been presented, which has delayed the progress of the process.

In turn, the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office indicated that the defense attorneys “have not ethically complied with their constitutional and legal obligation” and supported that they be investigated in a disciplinary way.

The judge responded that he has done everything possible to advance the process, even citing weekends, but that despite this the representatives of the Ombudsman’s Office have not arrived. Likewise, he was concerned about what was mentioned by the Prosecutor’s Office in the sense that there would be penalties a few days before the prescription of the process and the case is barely in the preparatory stage.

The lawyers of the other defendants stated that they have been attentive to the calls from the office.

As was known at the hearing, on December 31, 2021 the contracts of the Public Defender’s lawyers expired and they are in the process of renewing them, so only when they are re-signed could public defenders be assigned.

The hearing was rescheduled for Saturday, January 29 at eight in the morning.

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