A man was sentenced to 3 years and one day in prison for raping who his partner was in 2017 in the Villa Las Tranqueras sector of Los Angeles, in the Bío Bío region.

It was the Oral Criminal Trial Court that convicted Pablo Sandoval Acuña as the author of the consummate crime of rape of a person over 14 years of age.

Judge Paola Schisano explained that the events occurred in the middle of a couple relationship. According to the lawyer, when the man wanted to have sex with her, she refused, so the man raped her.

The magistrate commented that the woman, due to the fear that the situation generated, could not react, as he was even afraid for the life of her and her youngest daughter.

Thus, the court determined a sentence of 3 years and one day of effective imprisonment, that is, jail, for the accused. Within the trial, the mitigation of substantial collaboration was considered, after recognizing the crime.