Lorenzo Natali: "Radicalism regained prominence"

With a moderate euphoria, and recognizing some surprise by the preliminary numbers, the election in the bunker that the radicalism mounted in Estomba 128 was analyzed.

A good number of people approached the local partisan and partially cut the street to congratulate Lorenzo Natali, who made a very good choice in the Sixth Section, beating Fernando Compagnoni by almost 10 points.

Visibly moved, the former LU2 announcer pointed out that the electorate of Bahia and the region expected a different option and that this was reflected in the polls.

“I had the perception that the election would be very good, because people received us very well everywhere, but perhaps we did not expect these numbers. So many years on the radio gave me the base of knowledge. The campaign was short, but actually I was building it 4 decades ago, as my wife, who was more confident than me, told me yesterday. People know who I am, what I can give, and they know my honesty and my commitment, ”said Natali.

After acknowledging that he joined politics at a delicate moment, he pointed out that radicalism is showing the way of change.

“I arrived at a time when the political class is very questioned. I noticed people angry with that sector and perhaps that also worked in my favor. As our slogan says, I was encouraged to take the step when it was proposed to me. I was very comfortable in my role, as was Facundo (for Manes) and yet we decided to get involved to try to change things. There are many people behind us who want to do things well and offer a different alternative ”.

And he added: “It can continue to grow, undoubtedly. Radicalism has regained the prominence that had been diluted in recent years. We cannot forget that this party was a vital piece in the return of democracy and has done very good intentions with Cabirón and Linares. Obviously people did not forget that and supported our proposal ”.

Natali confirmed that in the next few hours she will meet with Fernando Compagnoni to outline the strategy for November 14.

“This good choice generates a lot of expectations for us for November, but also a huge commitment. In the next few hours we will begin to work together with Fernando Compagnoni, because this was the first step in the fight to regain power against Kirchnerism ”.

The voice of experience

Juan Pedro Tunessi, without being a candidate, was a very valuable piece in putting together the list that hit the sixth section.

“Radicalism returned to the sources and it paid off. An enormous militant effort was made, walking all the neighborhoods and listening to the people, who were crying out for us to become an option again. We compete as equals against great machinery, which has resources far removed from ours. The result is excellent. Winning the Sixth Electoral Section with these numbers gives us a very big clean and jerk. In this space it is all celebration because we deserve it ”.

Tunessi emphasized a detail that not many took into account: the number of voters who accompanied Facundo Manes on the outskirts of our city.

“A very remarkable fact, and perhaps it is not analyzed with the value it has, is the triumph of Manes in the periphery of our city, directly related to the low performance of the Frente de Todos, which has made its worst election in a long time. That is indicating that many people voted for us as a valid option, supporting this fresh air that appears on the political scene ”.

The former national legislator also expressed the new guidelines that should govern the coalition with the Pro.

“The coalition with Together for Change must go towards the Center, towards moderation, towards good sense and not falling into the game of cracks. We must go for a country of inclusion, without leaving sectors out. That is the message that this election is giving us ”.

In turn, he pointed out that radicalism, with these STEP, managed to position itself differently on that front.

“Personally, even without being a candidate, I did my best to make this happen. I kept absolutely nothing to myself, because I saw that the resurgence of radicalism was possible to put us on an equal footing in Together for Change to make decisions together.

“People expected the resurgence of the UCR. We have not behaved so badly and for something they remembered us. We have governed this city for 20 years, but we lost prominence for various reasons. The arrival of Manes revitalized us and it was very opportune to bring him closer to space, who accepted him, understood his importance and stood behind him. The same happened with Lorenzo at the local and regional level. We were hungry to win, but this is just beginning ”.

“From now on we are going to work together with the Pro, but undoubtedly this result positions us in a different way, on a more equal level. There will no longer be a dominant party and a secondary party. There will be two political parties with practically the same force. We need and aspire to a greater balance in the coalition ”.

To close, he analyzed that Manes attracted a flow of voters that was in the middle of the famous “crack.”

“Manes offers to bring closer an electorate that was not there, that did not belong to the Pro and that was closer to Peronism. The electorate of the macrismo and the Pro is consolidated, but that is not enough to win. Manes offers to add a significant number of voters who were not there and who were almost impossible to access ”.

“We haven’t had such a choice in a long time.”

Until recently, president of the Radical Civic Union and current municipal security undersecretary, Emiliano Alvarez Porte, acknowledged that the final numbers that the PASO produced were somewhat surprising.

“Radicalism had not had such a choice for many years. Manes’ election is historic, which is magnified if we take into account that two months ago we did not have our own candidate. And that also involves the Sixth Section with Lorenzo ”.

“I did not look at the numbers in detail, but the poor choice of the Frente de Todos at the local level is a bit surprising. We knew that if our coalition expanded, as was the case, we could make a very good choice. With Manes this was achieved: expanding the coalition with sectors that were closer to Peronism. That was evident in the periphery of our city, where they were mostly inclined towards our proposal ”.

Alvarez Porte pointed out that efforts should be joined with the Pro so that there are no surprises in November.

“Regardless of the outcome, we must continue to work together more than ever. The Unity List has made an excellent choice for councilors. In the city it is necessary to deepen this so that this result is consolidated in November ”.

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