Long live Mexico! 95.7% are proud to be Mexican

In one sample, the Strategic Communication Office (GCE) identified that 95.7 of the respondents are proud to be Mexican.

Of a universe of 600 citizens over 18 years of age who reside in the Mexican Republic and have a fixed telephone line at home, he identified that 84.5 percent are very proud; 11.2 percent, something; 3.3 percent, little; 0.3, nothing; 0.3, does not know, and 0.4, did not answer.

In the telephone survey carried out on August 30 and 31, it obtained a sample of 600 cases distributed proportionally to the nominal list of the 32 entities.

With a 95 percent confidence level, the theoretical error is ± 4.00 percent nationally.

When questioning What makes you feel most proud of being Mexican ?, the respondents preferred, 23 percent, the traditions; 12 percent, nationality; 10.3 percent, culture.

For If you could describe “being Mexican” in one word, what would it be? They responded, 13.6 percent, worker; 10.4 pride; 9.8, cheerful; 8.1, patriot; 5.5, honest.

In the dynamic To be truly Mexican, how important is it…? Respecting Mexican institutions and laws, 94.5 percent responded that it is very important and 3.8 percent, unimportant.


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