Les Sables-d’Olonne: teachers in the private sector take part in the strike

In private education too, we went on strike this Thursday, January 13. As at the Saint-Elme school in Sables-d’Olonne. © DR

The different education unions launched a vast call to strike for this Thursday, January 13. A movement rather followed in the public schools and, much rarer situation, in private establishments too.

Illustration in Sables-d’Olonne with the Saint-Elme school where almost all the teachers went on strike in order to highlight a real uneasy situation.

The school’s Ogec explains “ have had enough of the constant changes in protocols (3 in less than 10 days!), Without anticipation, without prior consultation on the part of our leaders. We have had enough of the mode of communication chosen by the Government (the last protocol announced on France 2 at 8 p.m. and applicable the next day). “

“We have had enough of bullying the children”

Over all, teachers suffer from “bullying children” and ask themselves: “What are they going through in this climate of fear and anguish?” What will they keep from these Covid years? They are not spared, very often abused, forgotten in the midst of all these protocols more incomprehensible than ever. Each time, the entire Saint-Elme team adapts, innovates, reinvents. We find the necessary resources to bounce back, take care of our students and their well-being. But today, we are tired, annoyed and sometimes even angry. They ask themselves the question: “How long will we last?” “

More than 50 classes without teachers in private schools in Vendée

A situation that is made more and more incomprehensible by differences in protocols, in particular between that which applies to school and that which applies during extracurricular activities. “This no longer makes sense to anyone. Why can children no longer play indoor sports at school when they wear the mask and this is not the case in clubs for example? “

To finish, The Ogec of the Saint-Elme school points the finger at the lack of means to replace sick teachers : “To date, more than 50 classes do not have teachers in private schools in Vendée. “

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