Leonidas Romero ruled out resigning from RN: “Today I don’t want to give the party a taste”

The controversy continues within Chile Podemos Más and, specifically, within National Renewal, after deputy Leonidas Romero will go to the Supreme Court of his party for his decision not to support the candidacy of Sebastián Sichel and, instead, to approach José Antonio Kast, champion of the Republican Party.

Let us remember that the president of RN, Francisco Chahuán, had announced that there would be no freedom of action for militants in the November presidential elections, in order to favor Sichel, who will represent the ruling conglomerate.

My hand is not going to shake to pass the parliamentarians or leaders who are in a different position. To each and everyone, because here the party supports Sebastián Sichel’s candidacy, ”said Chahuán during Monday’s session.

The answer came quickly from the Biobío Region, in which Leonidas Romero explained the reasons for his estrangement from the figure of Sichel: the parliamentarian is against equal marriage, abortion and homoparental adoption.

He also reaffirmed that he will not resign from National Renovation and that he will await the resolution of the Supreme Court. “Nobody invited me to the game, I entered because it represented a large part of what I believed. Today I do not want to give the party the pleasure of being able to say ‘no, he resigned’. I want Chileans to know that They threw me out of the party for fighting corruption and defending value issues”Stressed Romero.

Along these lines, he pointed out that the deputy’s management will be key Francesca Munoz. “If she manages to convince Mr. Sichel to be against free abortion, equal marriage, homoparental adoption, euthanasia, able to convince me and I vote for him. So I hope that the deputy Muñoz convinces Mr. Sichel to change his attitude, “said the deputy.

It is not the first time that Leonidas Romero stars in controversy over issues of value. In 2018, he launched these transphobics against the actress Daniela Vega and stated in conversation with DNA that most of the migrants “come with their illness.”

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