Leonardo DiCaprio shares Chilean glacier and calls to care for protected areas

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio shared on his Instagram account a photograph of a Chilean glacier to call for the preservation of protected areas from climate change on the planet.

Through a photograph of a 4200-kilometer-long glacier located in the Aysén Region, DiCaprio called to take care of the ice block since it is one of “the few habitats that are expected to withstand the increase in temperatures, which makes it a potential refuge for wildlife. ‘

The protagonist of Inception, shared a text released by Yale Environment 360. A magazine specialized in environmental issues that published a text on the care of Chilean glaciers.

“Planning protected areas in such a world will require a creative approach to conservation, including identifying future refuges for many species,” quoted Leonardo DiCaprio, who is known for his love of the environment.

He also shared the opinion of the author of the article, stating that “the problem has become increasingly urgent as more nations support the goal of placing 30% of the earth’s continents and oceans in protected areas by 2030.”

Leonardo DiCaprio and his relationship with climate change

The actor is known for his commitment to the environment. He has been a United Nations ambassador for climate and has invested millions of dollars against deforestation in Brazil.

However, he has not been out of the judgment of ecologists, who called him a “hypocrite” for preaching environmentalism by wanting to raise a rluxury eco friendly esort.

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