Lemon caviar: How to make the 2021 Bake Off challenge recipe?

One of the most complex and entertaining challenges that the participants of the Bake Off 2021 this week was the named “Lemon Pie Evolution”, a preparation that combined the best of the classic recipe of this exquisite cake and modern techniques, which, of course, put the skills and knowledge of the pastry chefs to the test.

The complicated Lemon Pie Evolution from Bake Off Argentina.

As described by the professional cook and jury of this edition of the reality show Dolli irigoyen, the ring is made of a fine traditional dough, very difficult to manipulate so that it does not break, and is decorated with meringue details. Meanwhile, that phosphorescent yellow ball that was seen in television images is made up of a lemon curd, and inside, it contains a “Lemon caviar”.

This version is nothing like the traditional lemon pie, it has another shape, another concept and another technique. However, it is a lemon pie and it tastes like lemon pie..

In accordance with Pamela Villar, also a jury of the show, this caviar –which is far from being fish eggs- is prepared with an emulsion of lemon, syrup and agar-agar. “They are going to use a syringe to make these balls on very cold oil. Agar-agar is not exactly a gelatin, it has different times and different temperatures “, he clarified.

However, for the followers of Bake Off Curious to know how this avant-garde Lemon Pie is cooked, we recommend that you follow the following tips when making such a preparation, to avoid making the same mistakes that led several of the reality show participants to failure.

How to cook a lemon caviar

  • Add half a tablespoon of baking soda to the lemon juice to prevent the acidic pH of the juice from negatively interfering with the gelling of the agar.
  • The concentration of the agar should be between 1.30% and 1.55%.
  • Pour the agar over the lemon juice before heating it, and try to distribute it as widely as possible over the juice to avoid as much as possible the gelling agent from forming lumps.
  • Use neutral or sunflower oil to form the spheres where the caviar balls will be made. The oil must be cold from the refrigerator.
  • The temperature of the lemon juice to form the spheres must be from 38º, since the agar gel gels from 35º.
  • Lemon caviar can be stored in the frizzer for about 34 days without losing its properties.

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