Laurita Fernández showed the selfie she took with one of the many exes of Nicolás Cabré, her current boyfriend: "It was my idol"

this saturday by The thirteen the 30th edition of A sun for the boys, the program dedicated to helping the most vulnerable children. There Guido Kazcka and Laurita Fernandez they drove the special together.

In this edition and in the midst of the large number of artists who took part, Laurita Fernández crossed paths with Agustina Cherri, an actress whom he has greatly admired for years. So much so that he took a photo with her and uploaded it to his Instagram stories.

Laurita Fernández took a selfie with Agustina Cherri, her childhood idol and ex-girlfriend of Nicolás Cabré: "Beautiful"

In the selfie taken, they both look embraced and very smiling towards the camera. “Beautiful Agustina. I took a photo with my childhood idol, the dancer expressed along with a lot of emojis with heart eyes, to record the beautiful moment.

Let us remember that Agustina and Nicolás Cabré, dated in early 2000 when they starred in They are Loves. This means that his childhood idol is also the ex-girlfriend of Cabré, his current partner.

Laurita and the actor began their relationship during 2018, but the couple decided to end three years of relationship in May of this year when the dancer who confirmed it. Laurita also stated that they both love each other very much but that they separated because they had different ways of thinking. However, in September they were seen together again and it was confirmed that they are together again, but they go little by little.

In the middle of their reconciliation, Laurita said goodbye to The divorcees club, the program he ran for three months. The show was canceled because it did not reach the expected rating numbers.

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