Launch petition to restore statue of Christopher Columbus in Reformation

A petition by someone who identified himself in the proposal as “tweeting citizens by the Law,” asked the capital government headed by Claudia Sheinbaum return the statue of Columbus to Reforma.

It was stated that this is a violation of the law under the pretext that he was retiring for maintenance, although the idea now is to place an indigenous woman.

«Therefore, we Mexican citizens demand that the head of the Executive Power of the Government of Mexico City and the INHA immediately return the statue of Christopher Columbus to its pedestal and the sanctions stipulated in the aforementioned Law be applied to the guilty party (s). »The petition reads. .

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They generalized that Mexicans, especially the inhabitants of Mexico City, feel outraged and affected by the withdrawal of what they called their “historical heritage” on the pretext of repairing it.

“We believe that this is a populist decision of the Head of Government that only pays attention to a minority of the population that ideologically agrees with her vision.”

The petition has been signed by 13,843 people so far and the cap is expected to be 15,000.

Some personalities such as former president Felipe Calderón, as well as his wife, Margarita Zavala, have shared the petition published in on their social networks.


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