last days to enroll in the National University of Mar del Plata «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

The National University of Mar del Plata (UNMdP) keeps open for a few more days the inscription to start studying, from 2022, some of the many careers that are dictated in the institution.

The process was opened on August 30 and in recent months thousands of people have already advanced to sign up. The procedure is carried out virtually and there is time to complete it until November 30, 2021.

The National University of Mar del Plata has a wide number and variety of careers available, of different areas and duration, through the faculties of Architecture, Urbanism and Design, Economic and Social Sciences, Exact and Natural Sciences, Agrarian Sciences, Humanities, Law, Health Sciences and Social Work, Engineering, Psychology and the Higher School of Medicine.

However, if you have not yet decided which career to study, the University has a service of Vocational orientation totally free that provides guidance, advice and information, and is in charge of a team of specialized professionals.

And in addition, in case of need, the UNMdP has the Disability and Opportunity Equalization Program, to provide all the support that was necessary to accompany you throughout the race.

To carry out the registration process you need an active email account. And as for the documentation, have a high school degree -if you finished your studies-, a certificate of a regular high school student or proof of a degree in process -if you are in the last year of high school-, and ID. Both documents must be scanned to be sent in the supported formats.

Is presence back?

The Government eliminated social distancing in universities and authorized full presence, As the National University of Mar del Plata (UNMdP) was well received and that was translated into the progressive increase of activities in classrooms and other physical spaces according to the adaptation provided by each academic unit.

The Academic Secretariat of the UNMdP reported that during this time the process of “gradually recover face-to-face ”, although taking advantage of the advances achieved through virtuality at the same time.

Hundreds of University students reside in other locations in the province and the country, and due to the pandemic, many did not settle in the city as usual this year, which is why in the middle of the second semester “A total return to activities could not be implemented” in person, as is expected by 2022, when the courses taken in the classrooms would be reestablished according to the provisions of each faculty.

Gender identity

In relation to Right to Gender Identity Within the framework of registration, interested persons can register at the National University of Mar del Plata with the chosen name, even when it is not the one that appears in the current DNI. You only need to follow the steps that are detailed in the process.

At the time of registration on the platform “SIU Guaraní” there will be a change called “Sex as it appears on the DNI”. At the moment, this version of the system admits only two options (male-female), and as recently reported, the new version of the platform will incorporate gender and diversity variables in compliance with Law No. 26,743 on gender identity, but it will be from next year.

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